Oh all my friends want to "quit Facebook" now. Remove digital footprints. I mean once you do you can't come back. Takes commitment.

Is suburbia that bad, versus being the old Vermont lady in gollashes red and black checker stamp longcoat gray mountain day no electricity smell that cow what a fine day commitment.

If only someone to talk to.

PTO no

Vacations don't end, they get killed.

Executed sometime in the weekend night by the monotony of Monday's work said hour.

When They Don't Get It

Some sing. Some sculpt or paint. A poet weaves words to spear deep emotion or gust brushed away dust on duty in soul.

And with your blood we paint together a scrambling mess of pictures all over that white white wall...

And if not, maybe you still stop by at the bloody scene.

Dreams Ain't No Memories

Recliner dreams are always way better than bed ones. Last night, Grady barrel-ass ran right into me puppy train strong, the collision I could feel deep into my thigh, and I stroked his golden spine striding next to mine.

Bathed in light while body dark and drooling room at night.

Oh! To touch not a memory but share his living heart. To not recall but live, and run and run in sun.

Vampire Scan at Work

"Your glucose is up" says Miss Pin Prick biodegradable-metric percent off coupon some Health.

"Oh no" I yell. "Surrender!"

Crows in Dreams and Mom

I always feel cooerced a holiday to "remember" Mom today and that's just silly. You can't forget or miss presence that is part your pie the whole.

Mom would like that pun.

I don't have to remember her for each day she lives in me. In dialogue, in smiles and laughs and tears, or at a pretty beachtown brimming with caring people with open hearts and lots of interesting stories.

But yes the hugs and sound are terrible ghosts in maybe taunting  dreams. But those are the just crows on a sunny breezy day. They do fade and chirps return.

So happy Mother's Day Mom... let's go share the day.

Air Freshener

I love the trolling trend with barely not porn pic babes as inserts into heated flame wars.
An old industry board tactic. But it tells you something too.

Mainstream does not see the forest for a rearview mirror pendant shaped like a sweet zigzag cookie and smelling of chemical odor similar to pine.

Print the Moon

I think it all fell apart for us when the office printers turned into what was clearly the shared photocopier, and we just let that go ... absorbo techo printo presto all devoid protest.

Pancakes on a Plate

Reapture Double Feature

On TV everyone is smoking weed. Even in the very first Poltergeist, they were smoking weed... Why does Hollywood show us such unlawful things? How can that be okay?

Because farmer in the Dell. Intel inside. Exo no esso my Ego. Bred to break the Law.

So, next you'll tell me highly rated  violence in mob hits, senseless murder, torture and serial babarism with machine guns is being called entertainment too.

Real somewhere at all times, but just watched here. What could be the harm. Glorifying? That's nuts! After all, its highly rated.

But we WANT to do all those things deep down and don't! Guess who bears that weight? Of holding feelings in while you popcorn it in a chair?

Toggle with your mouse?

Your shadow.  Hollywood lures your shadow a succubus, and these days like in SC, Paris or Palestine -- the Hills are alive with the loose of Shadow. Dreams are out of hand and they're getting out of dreams.

So it goes...agra the culture grown under all that rich rich soil. American Gothic. So do not let your flower grow in blackness else you want out by root!

May your Light within cast no shadow, but put him in the Show for real. Plato cave slave free! Thank him sometime and take a hit too. Good Deal.