Look Out Lawn

My god,
I must be drunk on dread.
The apparition of anticipation
has me so soused
bumping walls within the house
for tomorrow's circled number
be actual day.

So lawn,
here I come to mow.

Laurel & Hearty

Pre-sliced bagels: don't believe 'em.

It's really a factory "starter cut" for one - where steaknife serration is mandatory intervention to the hole. And then it's always ¾ + ¼ never ½ + ½ anyway.

Always jamming Laurel & Hearty into the toaster next to each other side by side and fattie won't popup on his own when done until you force him. Mmmmm. Just what I wanted - the thickest bread in the house half toasted with a well done crisp cracker slathered in cream cheese. Yum.