Tonight I Saw the Shadows Land

Tonight I saw them loud.
Lonely under
the cloudcast-filtered glow
of a crescent mooned evening sky
it began high in the old pecan tree
over the roof of such supposed abodes.

I heard the bats again,
screeching for a night-time wood.
Within the gloom a dark flash
gives pacing such quick, directed wind.
Watched them land right down there
in the mossy grass so anticipating rain.

Like big old crows they came swooping down
and following the mighty screeches,
landed in my yard.

The shadows,
like birds
first are wings beautifully aflutter
but touching down wings get tucked to walk
and like all things God
must only wobble in this realm.

I know you must not pity shadows
and here they come to roost tonight!

But the sadness, the stakeout
I so deeply understand
and it's as if the old pecan somehow knew
the ones to beckon the corners of my eye
and it's as if the old pecan somehow knew
which ones mine and which ones flying by.

Dorothy Dear a Twister Near, She Blows About a Whale

So in the beginning it always ends up going something like this: nothing pretty much around, and He makes something of all of it. Where He came from of course is no issue. And in the making, so much of Him He is used; images of himself and great love. Lost now, He has disappeared in His creation and there is another Him who seeks only to destroy. The Darker Side of God. What makes the worlds of religion think that such a being can just stop at the exits of Good? Say it this way and be wise: There is no Devil.

Don't get trapped by the oldest joke in their town. There is no God is one phrase that makes the Devil happen every time. So, let there be light my ass. There is no form. Just energy. What we see as form is only the HARNESSED energy from an enormous ocean of unbounded energy, not some limited spectrum of just a portion of it.

Eyes, consciousness through mental focus held in hypnosis, and this thing called faith have fooled God all along – all TRAP energy. Leary said it best really. Tune In. Not everything they say is a drug could be natural too. That's the problem with entheogens, ecstasy ruptures stasis but only for so long. Gotta come down sometime. But you don't really go up do you? You sort of go deep really. And when you do the skin slips away. It's not that you want to feel high, your goal is to escape the stasis and feel the energy of All.

All the vices of this world are based on powerful magic.

This magic was always your gift but you want so much it's gravity instead: to be used for your magic not use it yourself. Because if it's used you won't do tricks. Because if you do catch on and wake, Watch Out.