Newton Knew Better Too

Always takes an apple though.
Gravity my ass.

Frankly I'm tired of it, all them lazy angels
landing on me, resting their wings,
weighting down the flutter of God.

No one can see?
Boy, you sure do stick to Earth.

Empires Feed on All You Do

Despite accounts to the contrary, it just may have been built in a day -- six days under God's Heavens & Earth project record, mind you -- but in thinking empirically I sure have discovered something interesting on the letters down:

R iding
O n
M y
E xperience

I dunno. I do a lot in a day, much of it boring to me but very interesting to a lot of other, say parties. They tell you right out it's parties. Interested parties on your behalf.

So back on track, as in the one they run on you, the Bible's full of all kindsa secrets spelled down and sideways. So why not Rome? And what a guilty, taxed place of almost all slaves and then the Rich. Oh well, it least it burns. It always always burns, and it goes up quick cuz someone always fiddles around too long instead of heeding mutiny's tides.

"The blaze broke out near the Circus Maximus stadium and raged for six days before it was extinguished."

Good luck, Citizens of Xperience. May, as the Irish say, the wind be to your back, and not bent by some jackass fat-cat senator of economy while you do all the walking.

What Freakin Genius is Vague?

After all it's just someone's idea. The theory of something. Everything that changed a world of one I admit, but bombs aside, all it really comes down to is this: when you're measuring stuff and discover light is absolute; you find out where you're measuring from is always relative to what you're measuring. You are that which you measure.

Speeding light the same no matter where we are. Energy, matter, form, spirit -- interchangeable pairs. Unless of course you stop. Absolutely not! Enough funnies. Motion is a serious, serious thing.

So then, Mr. messy-haired professor, say it's not what God said (not let x=something but let there be Light -- you figure out the difference) and we decide to measure, say, Truth, instead of light - just to find the energy.

What then, Einstein?

Does not the same formula apply? I believe you'll find it does. Truth is relative. So therefore be it resolved that the energy is emcee squared - Jehovah and Lucifer running a show if you want. Done. Don't make it stop... make it Stop.

Ants Should Not Catch the Corner of My Eye

is enemy One.
Everyone hates it.
Kills it burns it alive spits all over its
humiliated carcass for the sake of
simply staying masked.


Expose the Truth,
and where Lies then?
Hate to say it, but in the midst of You.

Even X-Files sounds like priests steering sheep all wrong:
the truth's inside of you,
like Aliens
and through your beating heart
like a brand new spear to come.