Poor Mary: The Absence After

You know I got to thinking on this special night. There they are in the barn and all and out pops baby Jesus. Somebody had to cut the cord, right? I mean literally -- there was a moment when Jesus was literally CUT AWAY from Mommy Mary.

Now, imagine how that conversation could have gone when Joseph and Mary got to arguing about something. I mean -- there's postpartum depression (click the post title), sure. But Mary screamed one night when Joseph told her to buck up I'm sure:

"Who the hell are you? You didn't feel Him! I was CONNECTED to God and they cut the cord! You have no idea!!!!"

And whew, she was right.

Thai Food Mary

I just think this would be a pretty funny name for a restaurant, don't you?

what, if

Oh it is a terrible forever fare
a long drawn out and endless war
one between two sides the one they do but fear
the one now bleeding, s'no end in sight for


And all along the one truth
just sits there, called
yet still the cruel science each side uses
and it's only always just

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