Chrome Never Ends


OKAY so all my friends constantly made fun of me for decorating the PT Cruiser like a Christmas tree with chrome trinkets. It was always fun, you can't deny that. And it looks nice! One can never have enough chrome.

Well, heartless as I am, I traded it in for a new Saturn last week. Gas and mileage, really. And here it is for sale, at my dealership a week later than the bloodmoney, all dressed up shiny and... CLEAN ... so says the sign on its roof. Is that ALL they could say?

Well they must have been impressed by that at least and not distracted by those perfect retro chrome moon wheels I put on there. I loved that car, and the dealer was surprised at how she cleaned up, wasn't it? Aw. I wish it to the driver who most appreciate his shiny matchbox car with glue-on parts and shiny, shiny wheels. Now as for laughing at the chrome.

Click on the picture above. It will take you to the active listing for my old car at the dealership. Now, look down the page to the very, very bottom where nobody looks. There!

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I told you. Now that's just sick. Chrome on everything, and you thought it was just me.