No Net Can Get it All

Mankind always likes to say we HARNESS energy
and TRAP or CAPTURE light and even CONQUER nature,
but none of this is true.

The trap is our own and we catch ourselves out of the darkness
and never the light is All.

Tired of This One

It's not that I have too many words.

It's that I have them too fast.

They hear every word I know it. Keeping up is pissing them off. A letter laden sea of black and white words in so many paragraphs too heavy for a magazined eye. And ears are just as guilty.

Stepping On the Sky

If you think about it, you really do have one up on the Jesus. He could walk on water, but you got that beat.

I'm staring out into this sudden Sunday spring downpour, safely under the carport roof and encircled within a long train of the Sunday nicotine express. See -- I think to myself, that's really the sky falling down out there, and I can trod right through that; puddles were once the sky.

In a million heavy sighs its heavenly song ends, furious water looking for the Source once more but limited to such earthen flows now. So is walking through the sky really better than walking on the water?

Hell, I think so. Maybe even a miracle.

Wrong Job

Holy shit, look at these so-called seminars! To say I am in the wrong job now is just plain wrong. The whole world (no pun there, honestly) is around us and still we're half an apple strong. But you know what? I gotsta pay da bills too, and that pisses me off. Because I wanna be out there in Switzy-loo hoo too, hobnobbing about how that thing really means this and getting paid for it. Oh well work tomorrow. Back to the porn.

It Ain't Jesus It's Noah

So on Easter I thought about this. This whole thing with Jesus rising year after year and never really coming back just seems preposterous. So it can't be Him; that's too easy. You see we were all once hunters and gatherers at one time in the past. The agriculture and technology and printing and oh the mounds of information. But since then that's all we humans can really do in this place we continue to label "Nature," even though we're part of it.

All the other animals go around doing their animal thing. And we left that, calling it something and locking the door behind us. Berries? Why bother! We're too advanced! Firewood? What? Are you crazy? I need to find stuff, you know, do a search or something in the Internet. Gather it all up. Any new knowledge is just more stuff we didn't have before, so we gather and gather and gather.

And all this time we're wiping out the animals. Yet all we can do is, well, point. So it ain't no Jesus comin' on through next time soon. It's Noah, and he's mighty pissed.