Recent Eloquencia de Facebooke


Today I lived a decade in the passing of a few hours. There are Dominoes, there are cards, but in my magic world there is only irony and synchronicity, and the steadfast rudder of knowing who I am so fiercely it scares the crap out of delicate shadows posing as people bobbing like buoys in an angry sea. Thirteen. Sextet, sail on.

Wednesday drowned Tuesday's child. No air, and fell deep in Love.


Well this'll be interesting... You know... like in the cartoons, all the funny beasty eyes blinking in the blackness the minute the light goes out?


I'm always goddamn effigy. Guy Fawkes for people's shame. Taken by the mob....outta context, outta time.

Words! Around my eye a storm.

People will murder truth right this minute than to have to give it a glance in the mirror, and yet, await in such mournful hope for its blessed arrival somewhere down the road. Meanwhile....

Hideous vultures plucking innards from a carcass up the street, when once it ran free and beautiful.


Hating the waves of death staging now upon me,  as well as prickly history reminding me I am SO no that lamb away.

So, in a very small box it prompts:
What's on your mind?

Hmmmm. Maybe where I want to go today LOL. Sigh.