Daddy LongLegs

So I'm outside this morning on a beautiful unseasonably Summer of a Fall morning, taking in a cigarette I know will kill me, and I look down to see a Daddy Longlegs spider blending perfectly with the wood, brick, and dirt of my home.

I mean, I said hi and all, but then I thought 'big ugly bug.' That's what bug is, no? Ugly! Everyone says it. Arrrrrgh! And they run, UGLY thing! Well we all know there are those out there who think the opposite of course. They are not ugly, they are NATURALLY beautiful creatures.

Ah. I see.

Ugly means not beautiful – at least immediately upon antomonification. But let's see then, ugly at first is NOT LIKE US. The essential THEM. First off – way too many legs. How come so many on a such a small thing. We're so big we only have two legs (or so we think – we did leave the Great Quaternary when got up from crawling like doggies some time ago. Oh hey, more parenthetical thinking – that means the bigger up you go the fewer legs you have. God's at the point of none.).

Run from the ugly. It's more than differently feared. It actually REPULSES. Is this exclusively a human trait? I mean, does Mr. Longlegs look up and want to flee? Big ugly two-legged thing -- - arrrgh!. Nope. He stays there not moving – not moving at all. My God he IS beautiful. Nothing stirs him. If I intercede and push my God's finger to Adam's spider leg, of course he will move.

So maybe we were very ugly, pretty things.

Maybe God did not make us after all, maybe He saw us first. And then, reacted to repulsion in a POSITVE WAY; He let down a notch and touched what was not Him.

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