Where Have all the Bells and Whistles Gone?

Used to be just that. They said it alot about machines -- like it's got all the bells and whistles meant it had all the EXTRA gizmos too. But why would a machine be good if it has a lot of noisemakers? Isn't that kind of stupid and annoying more than efficient? Maybe it's about hot cars, I dunno.

But bells going off. Whistles. Things to wake you, stop you in your tracks. ALERT. Well, for the most part when we hear bells now it's long-off churches or the Ice Cream Man. The schoolkids hear it, but that's another (Pavlovian) story. But now the bells have faded. Whistles aren't on trains -- those are loud loud horns. Coaches and traffic cops or parade - ceremonial whistlestop.

So where have all the bells and Whistles gone?

BEEP. That's where. Now it's about beeping if you think about it. How many beeps do you hear in the course of just one day? Alarm clocks, microwaves, phone messages, sometimes even ON the phone like with call waiting, watches, cars behind you, washing machines, coffee makers; always -- just wait for the beep.

Wow. That's a alot of techno-birdsong if you ask me. And here, you ignore the birds each day. Or worse -- dismiss them all entirely when heard, as on thing, one distraction, classified as birds, in a whirlwind of fake beeping and movement when technology is ready for you now.

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