Bags of Water: Beware

If water is the God
then angels be these trees
to oceans run
trapped so much of its body
within other prisons made
from so-called sons of God
kitchen sinks and bathtubs

The world from outer space
two labels strong on a grade school chart
one points clearly to the sea as free
the other, to pictures of treatment plants
and power station rinses.
whilst we forget
that our body's skin holds blood inside --
made of water, always two-thirds
water. In every state,
the water.

Frozen: a timeless God.
Gases in no despair just stopped.
Gaseous: so free to fly about and frolic with the stars.
Gases as they really be.
Liquid: so trapped by this thing called Man.
Gases in transition not allowed to freely crawl
and get off the ground to fly.

This Elemental
one liquid should be left Alone,
yet its vapour, its ice, can't even be
so Man must go
and let the water be.
Bags of water, the Sacred Sisters sing,
Let free your blood now in every land,
not for spilling it my brothers -- but for letting liquid go.

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