What Freakin Genius is Vague?

After all it's just someone's idea. The theory of something. Everything that changed a world of one I admit, but bombs aside, all it really comes down to is this: when you're measuring stuff and discover light is absolute; you find out where you're measuring from is always relative to what you're measuring. You are that which you measure.

Speeding light the same no matter where we are. Energy, matter, form, spirit -- interchangeable pairs. Unless of course you stop. Absolutely not! Enough funnies. Motion is a serious, serious thing.

So then, Mr. messy-haired professor, say it's not what God said (not let x=something but let there be Light -- you figure out the difference) and we decide to measure, say, Truth, instead of light - just to find the energy.

What then, Einstein?

Does not the same formula apply? I believe you'll find it does. Truth is relative. So therefore be it resolved that the energy is emcee squared - Jehovah and Lucifer running a show if you want. Done. Don't make it stop... make it Stop.


Melak Ta'us said...

Hey, Chuckles. We're on the same page. Look at youdopia. Good stuff, this God stuff.

Unknown said...

But what does light measure itself by? What is light's constant?

R. Lee Riley said...

Two good questions.

Only mankind measures - counting everything. Light's only part of the vast endless energy so (it) has no need for such numbered validation.

We think Light's constant involves it moving - as speed. But it is everpresent so I'd say it's true constant is simply Being while we Become.

That's what Bisquich thinks, and he's pretty hairy.