And Still My Sandals On

If Jesus wrote an autobiography today
he'd have an awful lot of fun with Capitals.

I needed the name for a book about Me, and I couldn't stand this version thing that was going on Down There. So here's My story the way it's happening now. Screw them, their stories are all just Movies. Mine's a diary.

I'm so tired being bound, you know?

If I walk on water but still wear shoes, I'm a lot better than Spiderman just let me tell you. One thing's for sure -- I am not NAILED DOWN. That's a pretty good metaphor though of where you have to go to Feel me Talking to you. But it ain't Me -- I just got out of all That Drama.

And hey, enough with kingdoms and Queen's Daughters and running away from It All while some fruity artist hides it in his pictures. You're an Idiot. I never left anywhere because I never was One Place at All. So if you think I got married and ran, you're nuts. But the power is All Around. In fact, all day Still. Just Going On.

So knock it off and become Once Again with Me.

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