International Clownday

That's how we'll do it.

All agree, once and for all, on a calendar week in which we

a) don't watch TV or check the Internet; and

b) dress up as clowns every day.

Even those in government, mayor and all. Imagine your daily routine with each other? No show to discuss? No thing you saw at home? Clowns, all of us. So we'd do it then. We'd all dress bad Shakespeare in a grossly overdone, vaudevillian way. Only colorful and cartoony!

The world would be upside down and circus like. But whoa the fun we'd have!

Oh, it would start small. But then grow real real big. Even the president, if he even wanted to or not, would HAVE TO DRESS AS A CLOWN just for credibility. The UN would pass a resolution that demanded international compliance in an effort to eventually support world peace and understanding that we are one, colorful race after all. Some countries would say no, others maybe. But it wouldn't matter because the people of everyday you see would be clowns.

Even armies would comply. The brilliance of instantly recognizing a way to stay connected simply surpassed war on the basis of economy alone. WIGS ARE CHEAPER THAN BOMBS. Criss-crossed eyes of us all! So then, after the week was done, it would be tough getting back to your everyday routine -- but you'd have the footage from the last week to look at now.

Yes -- cameramen were dressed as clowns.

Anchors, too. Networks needed footage (most of it big and red), they always do! Every year we'd analyze, with the help of FOX and CNN of course, how we clowns all got along.

Take it back silly gooses!
Take back the three rings and be king of it all!

photo note: okay, the Vegas sign thing is gettin' kinda scary. When you click the photo you'll see a logo. In VEGAS. Glizy hotel signs. Everyone's using it around here to put their shit up in lights, and it just ain't right. More on this later. Clicking the title tells a million words too.

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Anonymous said...

This is so great, I think I'll repost it (steal) on youdopia. You'll get full credit, of course.
Nicely done. Wigs are cheaper than bombs.