The Problem with Us

It's simple.
We've all dropped the stars.
Stars are Hollywood and last I checked that's on the ground.
Some still know the celestial few, the sacred ones.

And that is all that matters now.

I did the artwork above while I was taking classes at RISD. It's the LA Skyline and I put the stars back up where they belong. Nobody in the class really said anything, though, but that's the trouble with art. The caption in the picture is taken form an older ode to Hollywood I wrote some years ago:

without TV
devoid dolby
or limousine
the public tramples on its heroes
and pigeon volunteers
scrub clean the homeless tiled floors
for a fan club fee

it's how I hear Hollywood
how Sunset Boulevard sounds to me
the din of dying dreams
the fading fame
amid the sidewalks starred

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