Tied to a Chair and Killed

Of course, they try to always make it sound nicer. Punishment they call it. Capital. I don't know if it's the money kind like in capitalism or the big big letters, but the so called punishment is a final one cuz you're quite dead when they're done shocking you with dangerous electricity on purpose.

The electric chair. Sounds better. Here, sit down while we murder you. And you the taxpayer pay for that current, that chair, and all the salaries of the morbid standers-by. Of course it's justified in the name of the "law," but nonetheless it is a brutal killing we allow to happen for the good of the Order. Of course, it is also against this same body of "law" to take another life, and if you don't watch out you'll end up in that very uncomfortable chair soon enough.

I have often wondered how people would react to the hanging pendant of a tiny criminal, blindfolded, dying in a chair. You know, like a sort of updated crucifix pendant. If it was Jesus in the chair - that would be acceptable wouldn't it? Because that One died on a stake on a hill, bleeding all over the place, and that's what how we wear it now as jewelry. In full agony for all to see in pewter, silver and gold. But that was before electricity. Before modern times.

So anyway we're left with a few things to consider:
  1. It is okay to tie people to chairs and kill them
    (as long as the state is there)
  2. It is not okay to kill people
    (unless you wear certain clothes)
  3. It is not okay to kill yourself
    (pretty much ever)

Sounds like we have to leave the killing to the professionals and just keep paying for it. Not much freedom in that. It also sounds like we're pretty messed p in clearly defining things in just one instance. Next time: how "law" says you can not have a common weed you can grow in your back yard and isn't even poisonous. In fact, these aforementioned state professionals will burn it in huge bunches and throw you in prison for having it. Because you citizens are not to be trusted with a natural plant you can grow anywhere relatively easy. It is dangerous.

So now. Where are we free again?

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Anonymous said...

It is a sick society