Hey What's Up? Eh, Nothing.

You have nothing to fear.

Oh, har har. That's a really big something, that Nothing. Add the word "only" and up the "n," and you've got the basic Truth. Nothing is pretty huge. It makes up a heck of a lot of the huge universe -- outer space has more nothing in it than stars or gas now doesn't it?

And right here on Earth too, inside of you even at your deepest cell's molecule of an atomic core -- there is an absolute abundance of nothing, all hidden in the space between protons and neutrons and electrons. Well here's the News now. That nothing in you is the same nothing out there. The nothing everywhere is all one Nothing, and nothing all at Once.

Now that's huge, I'm sorry. And something that huge is indeed scary. So yeah, you pretty much have Nothing to fear. Better do something quick.


R. Lee Riley said...

I got to thinking on this, and then thought of this one too:

"Nothing up my sleeve!"

Sort of shows you how the world really hides tricks in the open.

Anonymous said...

Yes, that nothing, which is Nothing, which is No Thing, sure is something. I think you're onto something, or maybe just on some thing. Some thing or the other.
Let's not forget what Uncle Al said on the subject in Liber Naught (naughty naughty of him),
"Nothing Is. Nothing becomes. Nothing is not."