Kinda Stunned Today

So I never saw the guy sing it really. Just heard the magic. In all honesty I guess I always pictured someone from the past -- a kind of Johnny Mathis ghost. I had heard the adaptation of Leonard Cohen's original "If it Be Your Will" on the I'm Your Man release recently when I Van Winkled into iTunes and "discovered" Leonard Cohen a while back (so I liked Tom Waits, shoot me! That's an awful lot of froggie-throated poet at once).

Now it's the same thing with this Antony. Prepare yourself if you haven't witnessed his other stuff. Also listen to him on NPR in an interview from a 2005 broadcast. Amazing, and angel-like. Yeah I stoop to that. But if one came in your room to sing you to blinding white heaven or the grayest of forgotten purgatories, this would surely be the voice and the melody. He also has a MySpace profile, where he lists his interests as sailors, fish, goblins, light beams, rain, tricks, and crying.

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Anonymous said...

"Let your mercy spill on all these burning hearts in Hell."

I get it. There are tears, there is Beauty. He is a conduit, and mirror, and pulse of Yes in an ocean of Negativity. And like honesty, virtue, love, and Art... He is guised as a clown. The jokes on them, though. His voice is emotive as a thousand voices singing Danny Boy for a thousand years.
Who knew a Starfish could bleed?