Ode to an Atheist Science Kook

I get into discussions all the time about Jesus. I get into discussions all the time about what's big-R Reality. I get into discussions all the time about Truth, and the absence of absolutes.

The more I think of it now, the more I realize I am not getting into anything at all. It is getting into me. And so, it is getting into you too.

Stop looking in the test tube! Observing is making us stick. You and I are the same, and nobody will believe. This is the beginning-end and that is no trick of words, symbols or even game of language. It is a game though. To describe what is indescribable, the Logos becomes, talks to itself incessantly in endless arrays of acts and scenes and, oh the beautiful game of Ego which hath no victory nor purpose.

Just the wind of we. The dream that flows.

Communicate? Oh, please. Each letter is a symbol and its words are trains on which they ride. Right into my head. Your head too. I am in there now. Rules in avenues of percussive punctuation in the Maya you perceive as order. Non-sense, if you will.

As David Byrne says (Talking Heads), Stop Making Sense. Even the Beatles. Now, hit me.

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