D'oh - Polar is as Polar Does

Okay I fell for it, I have to admit.

They really can push my buttons. I just hate the idea of "Free Speech Zones" and having to take a permit out to peacefully protest in America. Permitted speech is not free speach, no matter how you slice it. They've brought it down to content being unlimited but assembly -- well for your own safety, they can tell you where and when to gather.

So yeah, I went and posted the vids like everyone else out there, being so empassioned about the eroding away of our basic civil liberties in the guise of national security and under the auspices of global fear. Then it dawned on me. The three-step plan! Everyone these days is Illuminati this Illuminati that, Secret Societies blah blah blah. Well obviously, been there, done that. When I read "The Illuminatus! Trilogy" way back when -- nobody but geeks knew what it was. Now, thanks to Dan Brown, everyone is a conspiracy nut. And no-one even remembers the talking dolphin or underwater Nazis. Shame. There was deep meaning in that stuff, not shameful Hanks schlock to be consumed.

But baaah... sheep are grazing.

Now peaceful demonstrators being street-herded by Robocop - that really is disturbing. But some of the G20 YouTube vids out there are just giving it away now! Shaky "amatuer" video showing badly matched camo fatigued men brutally "arresting" protestors and hurling them into plain cars, and fellow protestors (staged just as badly as 911 actor-witnesses on the ground) begging for their freinds' release in the most calmly delivered audio you ever heard.

So the trick to the whole thing is polarization and revolution, then Phoenix from the ashes. As an ode to South Park's Underwear Gnomes, I think I can extapolate the NWO's true plans here...

Step 1: Steal Liberty
Step 2: er...
Step 3: Profit!

That second step is now. Order out of chaos! Profit from the ultimate war -- the war against each other in trusting world government, with world government pulling the strings the whole way through anyway. As politicians I remember once told my union shop fighting it out in factions to break apart or stay together "I have no dog in this fight." Yet how they shook a bone!

You begin to see the same strategy everywhere, and everywhen too -- render them helpless, polarize them, and make them tear each other apart. Then, save them from themselves.

Order out of chaos.

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