Atom & Ever

"I don't get it." That's one copout... the other is some variant of "too deep." Not right now and of course, not my thing are the others. Deep is funny, because it means maybe flood comes and washes you anyway so, why bother? Same thin as all those metaphors lose me. Each depict a drowning.

All meh on this gorgeousness come up the same when prodding people to watch it.

Art this moving, so tearfully timeless, and which purposely carries pauses more intimate than the sensual audiovisual envelope in which the stories are dancing into your Mind.

Airport for astral, and in those  spaces, angels drive on through. Whatever your pause of choice is in the consumer clock entertainment pass at the time of revelation may be, the decision to shelf 'Now you' contemplating the inevitable 'Then you' once manifest as End is the only way to obtaining providence in Paradise itself.

No other ways or means will get you there. Looking for God always is the tractor beam home. Destination after Death should be the term.  Not life. And there is only one. The other is simply lack of that, or, the Fall.

Atom and Ever.
Empty vastness.
And charges pole to pole a field.

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