The Biggest Lie of All

GOD IS A ... noun

The Sky is not blue
you make it that way every time
and so many people see what you do
and this is not the work of God?

No, you do not move.
One animates.

The funniest thing sometimes is
when I think of Jesus sitting down
in another chair next to Dad
after all that hanging around on a Hill
thumbtacked to sticks
when once He tread upon the waters
in which we'd surely drown.

Make it happen.
Not what's happening now.

Why must I always be under the Sun?
I see it there, low and high, low again
always way above me
and I hate that I can never go over the Sun.
Oh, they tell me we go all around it.
But that's not me.

Someday, I'll get over it for sure.


Anonymous said...

To answer your first question, scrambled.

Now on to business! "GOD" isn't a verb or a noun. How can you think that? Have you no shame! "GOD" is obviously an acronym for "GIT OR DUN!"

Psh. Hillbilly! Go drink some moonshine and ponder the universe ya hillbilly!

Hey! Stop! Real thoughts below.

Maybe "GOD" is a pronoun for that which we cannot truly identify.

R. Lee Riley said...

Yes, but even to be a pronoun by default means standing for something else, known or unknown. Feel the moving. But I do like hillbillies on wine!

R. Lee Riley said...

So I thought some more and maybe it's even better to put it this way:

God is a verb, and you Jesus, His subject.